Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taking 18 hours and Sleep

So, my mother decided that it would be a good plan for me to take 18 hours for my first semester. She, being the supportive mother, knew that I could handle it along with my many other responsibilities.

Well, she was right. Is right. But I am missing out on something pretty important stuff. You see, in high school, I could go to school, work, do homework and then chill for a while before I crashed for about 5 hours only to repeat the madness. Well, in college, I am finding out that it is a whole lot more difficult to run on so little sleep.

So, I am learning to cope with less sleep, manage my time better, be patient, and cut corners. Just kidding. But seriously.

And I am not even studying the 6 hours for a 3 hour class. And I am still exhausted.

So, my recommendation: Don't take 18 hours for your first semester and certainly don't work a 20 hour job with it. You will lose sleep and no one wants to do that.


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