Friday, October 8, 2010

gotta love break!

I'm pretty sure if Fall Break was early in September or early-mid November we (students) would say it was perfect timing but really this second weekend of October Fall Break jazz... it feels like the perfect timing. Right around mid-terms, the change of weather... a great time to head home for a few days and regroup. Eat your mom's food, sleep until noon, kinda sorta look over your homework or drive four hours and work a lot... yep.

Nah, nah I love my job so it's all good! So now, over my break, I'm hanging in the recording studio in Tennessee waiting to head to the vocal booth and lay some tracks. It's crazy, I've always wanted to do this but now that God has opened this door I find myself still looking toward Him with a smirk on a face and a ridiculous amount of "pinch me" going, "Really God? You're letting me do this? Ahh I love it!" Haha it's my reality, but it still feels a bit like a dream.

I got here yesterday and actually head back today but it's been a good and productive trip. When I get home I have a test on Wednesday to study for and my sister's wedding next week to finish getting ready for. I'm also leading a girl's smal group and teaching the message to the youth so I have to get ready for those two Sunday night events. Oh, and I'll probably squeeze shopping in there somewhere. I have an education class to buy materials for to set up an art station for kids on Monday because I can't do it on Tuesday because I'll be in Texas doing message training for a girl's conference I'm doing in the Spring.

So other than those very few things to check off of my list, I'm excited to be back in Atlanta, sleeping in (ha?), eating my mom's food and enjoying my fall break... is this even a break? Haha regardless, I'm excited about it and I actually can't wait to get back to school on Monday... I kinda miss my dorm!!

Love, Peace & Jamie-Grace

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