Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10 could i not mention the most exciting day of the entire decade? it was yesterday, incase you didn't get the chance to celebrate, and it was the 10th day of the 10th month of 2010. cha-ching! (really?) legit dates right there. so, in honor of 10-10-10 (belated), i have a request for you. really quick, think of the first 10 (didn't see that number coming...did you?) things that go through your mind the second you wake up on the average weekday.

for me it goes a little something like "ugh, i have to get up!" and from there it's snooze button... bathroom (it's true!)... food... "man, i should've written that paper before now"... gotta check my facebook before class... and the list goes on and on. how about yourself? what are the top 5...6...10 things that go across your mind in the AM?

yesterday at my church was the once a month girls group followed by teen night. my sister and i lead both and we decided to start a new series of discussing the ten commandments. of course it's cheesy to start them on 10-10-10 but it's an incredible rarity for any of us to let Exodus 20 slip our minds now since the entire night was based on 10.

in the girl's group we listed the 10 things that come across our minds in the morning and segwayed (is that a word) into the first commandment. "You shall have no other god's before me." i shared how i often times don't think about God's name when i first wake up which i don't think it's wrong to have to pee or think about homework right when you wake up but how much time are we spending thinking about the things that don't actually matter? how much time do we spend stressing about homework or classes when we could just set our priorities straight in the first place so God could be on our minds first.

and that's what it always seems to boil down to... priorities.

when i take the time to do my homework on time and not procrastinate (which trust me...isn't easy) or when i limit my facebook/twitter time, my stress levels are near as high as usual. and when i wake up i'm not panicking trying to get to class on time or wishing i had more sleep because i pulled a near all-nighter writing an 8-page. i'm instead waking up without my head pounding and without having to think if i need an energy drink. i'm waking up feeling like i've accomplished something and that i'm ready to face whatever is coming that day. and when my mind is free like that? the number one thing on my mind is God, because i know i've put Him at the top of my priorities list.

i don't wanna get all preachy, but it's something that's hit me hard lately and i wanted to share it with you. the connection between homework and God may not be the same for others, but when I put Him first He puts my mind at ease and i'm able to focus on things that matter and get them done in time. i'm also not yearning to check someone's facebook or twitter updates and spending more time there than I am with God.

i hope this isn't all a blur of confusion to you and if is i totally agree that i could be that i'm not explaining myself well, so i would love to elaborate or edit. i just want to encourage you to put God first in everything and allow Him to ease your mind of the stress and craziness we often face. if you have a top 10 list? put Him at #1. and if you know me, please encourage me to do the same.

love, peace & jamie-grace

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