Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Break

Well, some people go home and crash for fall break. I spent my break listening to people speak from longer than I did at school.


But seriously, I got the opportunity to go to Catalyst on Thursday and Friday and it was splendid.

As much craziness and show that it was, when it got down to it, it was some challenging stuff.

I would recommend anyone to go. Especially if they are in leadership.

On Saturday, I worked (oh, the glories of being a janitor).

On Sunday, I traversed up to Chattanooga with a friend and a younger sister to be at the launch of my former youth minister's church. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of. David is such a mentor and really believed in me and let me lead worship for my senior year of high school.

After which, it was Taco Bell and one of the coolest places in the country (McKay's), where we got food and I picked up many used DVDs. I walked away with $50 less but 13 movies richer. that's a deal, right there.

Came home, did some homework, watched a movie and slept.

Nonetheless, my break was wonderful. it was exhausting, though. I am not getting any more sleep than I was a few weeks ago (possibly less, due to homework). So, it wasn't the rest that most people got on their breaks. I am slightly jealous.

but I am most thankful for my chance to grow and would not change my break in the least.

I hope that you had such a rewarding break.


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