Thursday, January 20, 2011

An all new kind of adventure!!

Hello loves!!

First I will start off by telling you I am a Junior at ACC! I love it there, but this semester is a little different for me! I am studying abroad with Globalscope!! (:

I am OFFICIALLY in the Motherland!! My flight left Sunday night and for those of you wondering, yes I flew in style (First Class)!!! We (the team) landed in Manchester, England at 10 AM, Monday morning!! I stepped off the flight (Exhausted! forgot a sleeping pill!!) and went straight to customs! It was pretty intense, and it took a little while to get around, but we got the stamp in the book and off we went to Birmingham! We dropped our stuff off at our new house, and went to lunch with Natalie.. I tried "Fish and Chips" and for all of you unfamliar with English culture that means fried fish and french fries!! Then we did a bunch of other stuff, like touring Downtown Birmingham, going on a scavenger hunt and eating Mermite(yeast extract) and black pudding (pigs blood) which is, by default, absolutely repulsive! We had our first bible study at TC's and I absolutely LOVED meeting new people and making new friends!! I can officially say I have friends from America (obviously) England, and Ireland!! (: By Wednesday we had made our first trip to the grocery store (it's pretty interesting seeing all the things they have different names for! I.E. Ground beef is actually called minced meet, or just minced!) and I cooked dinner for my team (Taco's! I thought I would bring a little bit of (Mexican) America to England!! HAHA! We tried curry...yeah it wasn't my cup of tea...and then began outreach tonight... Obviously there was much more in between but I won't bore you to death with all the nitty gritty details!! All I can say is, England isn't getting rid of me ANYTIME soon!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I just know God is going to rock my world this semester! It's going to be the best. most crazy,most unforgettable semester of my life!! (: I can't wait to see what all it brings!!

P.S. For all of you concerned that I'm not on a real mission trip, let me prove to you I am! I live in a house with 6 other people (3 guys, 4 girls), We share 1 bathroom, there isn't a single full length mirror, there is 1 hair straightener for the girls, you can only fit 2 people in the kitchen at a time, and I don't have a closet or a dresser...and my bed.. is a cot! Yup! Definitely legit!! XX

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