Thursday, January 20, 2011

my life is changing a little bit.

I contemplated posting this as I didn't want to come across s arrogant, but really it has so little to do with me and 100% with what God is doing in my life!! So, I thought I would share with you my new song "Hold Me" featuring tobyMac. :)

::In Texas right now, preparing for the first weekend of The Revolve Tour as I'll be singing and sharing my story. I've been a little nervous the past few days and though the nerves keep coming back, it turned into pure excitement earlier today.

All of us speakers were sharing our stories with eachother and the staff. It's a time where we get completely into "character" and give each other feedback and advice. Chad is hilarious but very realistic. Shares insightful information that you wouldn't really think to be able to explain! I shared my story. Then Jenna shared. Oh my goodness I almost cried!! She is so REAL! I really relate to Jenna as we had similar upbringings so it's always exciting to hear her speak. ...Her passion for Jesus is so so much. I found myself seriously leaning over in my chair waiting for every next word!

We then took a lunch break and came back to Kathryn - tears! Not in a bad way! I almost completely cried though as she shared her heart and her dreams.. this stuff is real! Ahh!!

...I feel so... blessed to be a part of not a tour I mean I love that aspect but being on this team of God loving young people just like me yet different me who I can learn from, encourage, spend time with and build friendships with. I can't WAIT for Friday to see what kind of exciting things the first weekend brings. But first, must get sleep. I have 7:30 call time and gotta get breakfast. PEACE! :)


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