Monday, February 14, 2011

And A Happy February to You :)

As one of the freshmen girl's "CLM's" or "RA's," I started a monthly newsletter. I debated whether I would post it or not but I figure the world broadcasts what they're doin so why I shouldn't I say that I'm not? ...Happy readin!


I could use words like “purity” and “patience” - they’re wonderful words but I’ll take this time to blunt. It’s not popular to wait until you’re married to have sex. So it’s quite obvious it’s even less popular to sing about waiting for the guy God has for you.

Nonetheless, multi-award winning singer-songwriter Rebecca St. James didn’t necessarily care about what was “in” and sang about it anyway. She made her way into the hearts and tape players of many families in 2000 with her hit song, “Wait For Me.” The lyrics quickly became somewhat of an anthem for girls who were also waiting. It also inspired more songs of purity like Barlow Girl’s “Average Girl” and has swooned along with “movements” like “True Love Waits.”

“...If we cheat in this whole situation, we’re sacrificing something incredibly beautiful in marriage. You pay now or you pay later. If you sacrifice for some of the physical enjoyment on the front end, you pay incredible dividends on the other end.

I’ve waited so long for my prince and then to have found the man of my dreams. He’s literally the perfect man for me. So while it feels somewhat surreal, it feels very real on another level and very right and peaceful...”

-Rebecca St. James

On the other end of the spectrum many people looked down on St. James as she approached 30. Blogs and conversations said... “Will she ever get married?” and “Is she still waiting?” And the answer... yes. She is getting married and is proud to say in every interview that she waited and is glad she did.


Another reason I hesitated to share that is because it may come across as "Oh, there's that preacher's kid talkin about purity..." but let's take a stand, yo! As I said, movies, music, TV shows and 4-word punch lines broadcast sex. The world is tellin us they're doin it but barely anybody is saying they're not...

...Maybe we're afraid of being perceived as outsiders or too radical? I mean I'm not saying you have to shout it from a rooftop haha but waiting is not popular these days and it's not going to get any more popular if those of us who are waiting continue to sit back and not take a stand for what's important.

I guess the best way to close is by sharing one of my favorite stories ever! It's from the Oprah Winfrey Show (barely watch it...) and I actually shared it in a video when I was 17, two years back. You can click here to watch if you want or you can read my paraphrase below...

"I don't know much background on what kind of people they were and I don't want to say the wrong thing. So I'll be really stereotypical and hopfully you get it. They were accused of being polygamists, the kids were put into foster care in Texas and stuff. A lot of people notice them because of the long dresses, the boots, no make-up, no earrings, they don't watch TV. All that stuff. My Faith isn't the same as theirs and I disagree with a lot of the things they practice but there was this one girl Oprah was interviewing. She was 17 and Oprah was asking her things about dating.

It's kind of weird because I'm currently wearing jeans I have on make-up and earrings and a neck tie haha so obviously I'm not on the same level of morals and standards as these girls. However, I loved what they had to say.

It came down to a 17 year old girl... a girl my age... saying, 'When I stand at the alter, I want to be able to say 'I do' and not 'I did.''

Peace, love and Jamie-Grace

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