Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday Night Madness

So, since I no longer have meetings on Monday nights like last semester, Carol (aka my BFF) and I took it upon ourselves to create what we like to call Monday Night Madness. What is Monday Night Madness you ask? Well, at first it started as just a get together for Apt. folk on campus and its mainly just a name given to the awesome parties we throw in my apartment. Our first MNM was a Cheese Dip Fiesta with cheese dip so good it made ya wanna slap your grandma, and last week we had movie night and my roomie Rachel burnt the popcorn. Way to go Rachel ;) MNM's have been so great that its the buzz on campus... no big deal.

Last night was our Pancake Party. Carol, Rachel and I went all out and got all the good stuff and cranked up that Soulja Boi and posted the party as our facebook statuses. Yep, it was epic, and as always, Michael Thompson & Co. came and crashed the party (this has happened more than once). Oh yeah, and we made lactose free pancakes for Raphael b/c we love him so much :) Another successful MNM. Done.

Oh yeah, and if ya don't know, I'm graduating in May, and so other than throwing pancake parties, I have been extremely busy with getting ready to support raise so that I can move to England as an International Campus Minister hopefully in October. It is so scary to know I am about to step into the real world, but to know I am moving to England and about to have my world rocked is super-crazy-exciting at the same time. Till next time, peace.

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