Thursday, March 17, 2011

Make my own plans? sure thing

College is different from high school in many ways. One being...

Advisement:Students meet with the head of the department in which they are majoring in to make their new class schedule. I love making my own schedules! I am sure I have already mentioned in previous posts that I enjoy the fact that we get to decide whether or not we want to wake up early...or late for class. This opportunity puts much pressure on you as a student. There are some things you might want to ask yourself (especially if you are a freshman):

1. If I sign up for classes that all start later in the day, will I be stuck with early classes my junior and senior year?
answer: This depends on the class. Some of the classes here at ACC need to be paid attention to. For example, one of the classes that I took (for an elective) was only offered every other semester. Be sure to plan out as far in advance as possible. No one wants to graduate late!!! :/
2. Is it a good idea to register for only Tuesday and Thursday classes so I can sleep in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?
answer: Depends... Some people can handle it, but there are a few stories that I have heard about it not being the best idea. Some people have said that it throws off their sleeping patterns. It may just be easier to wake up everyday around the same time so you don't have a crazy schedule and terrible sleeping pattern. Then again...If you are hard on yourself, you can make yourself study on those days that you don't have class. You may could use those days to work a part time job, who knows?
3. Should I start with my core classes first, and then work my way into the classes that deal with my major?
answer: It is always good (and safe) to get your core classes out of the way during your first two years. You will most likely change your major a few times before you are really settled.
4. How many hours should I take my first couple of semesters?
answer: I highly suggest that you load up at the beginning! No one wants to be a senior who has to take 21 hours (trust me, I know people who are doing that right now-not fun). Once you graduate high school and soon begin college, you will be used to a lot of classwork, homework, and study time. Don't be scared to take 5 to 7 classes (15-18 credit hours). It is really not as scary as some people make it out to be. Give it a shot. They give you a week or so to drop/add classes with no penalty. If you get a bad vibe, then drop the class; no worries.

With advisement coming, I thought I would post a few tips for you. Hope you learned something! :) Good Luck

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