Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Feet Under the Stars

Since I have been lacking on the posts, (which is an understatement), get ready to hear from me a lot during this last stretch of the semester! I am so excited about these next few weeks here at school! This weekend is the Global Missions Conference, or as most call it the GMC. There will be lots of missionaries and organizations from around the globe, the US, and from around Atlanta as well. It'll be an awesome eye-opening experience to see what is out there for us to get involved in, and I cannot wait!
THEN in another week, we have DORM WARS! Honestly, I think I look forward to this week even more than Spring Break...yeah, it's that cool. The week is filled with friendly competitions between dorms. Each dorm has different colors and shows team spirit in their own way. This is why my post is red and black-GO LOWER HEAD HALL! You also should know that even though I am an Auburn fan (WAR EAGLE!) through and through, I will be wearing red and black during dorm wars, and that's a pretty big deal! There is everything from a spelling bee, to tug of war, to the ultimate relay.
That Thursday of the week is our Spring Campus Ministry day. On Ministry day, there are no classes and the campus is pretty much shut down in order for us to go serve the community. I always love this day! My freshmen year, I went and worked at City of Refuge in Atlanta and last semester at God's Farm. Both were great experiences, so I look forward to seeing what God has in store this year!
Also during that week, we have Spring Formal, which is on a boat this year! How sweet is that?! It'll be at Stone Mountain and it's always fun to dress up and dance the night away!
Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of my self a little by being so excited for these things when it's a week and a half a way, but can you blame me? :)

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