Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take them off

Do you ever remember walking into your house with your shoes on? What is the first thing that you were told to do? They would point at your shoes and say "Take them off." That was always the thing to do and it's still in me because that's what I do when I visit people and walk into my room. This week is the week of compassion. Basically we as a community go without something for a day to see what it is like and help donate things in the process. Yesterday was no shoes day.Now of course I am not the type of person to walk outside all day and around campus without my shoes on, but it was for a good cause. I didn't wear my shoes but I did still wear socks to support the cause (my bare foot touching the ground was definitely not going to happen). It was very hard to get used to and I was slightly tempted to complain, but I was reminded of the people that don't have flip flops to put on their feet. Once I thought about that my mind was clear and I had no other worries. For the rest of the day I walked to class, ate in the cafeteria, and even gave a tour without my shoes on. Ever since I can remember, I have had a pair of socks on (especially if I need a pedicure) or I'll wear a different pair of shoes. But it never occurred to me that somebody in the world doesn't have.
It was quite a humbling experience for me to participate and it made it even more humbling when I saw my fellow classmates and even my roommate supporting the cause as well. My feet kind of hurt now, but I can't complain because somebody out in the world doesn't have the same opportunity that I have. So the next time you complain about not having the right shoes to wear to go with your outfit or the next time you complain about not having enough shoes to wear and you already have 5 or 6 pairs stop and think about somebody that doesn't have any shoes at all. I guarantee that you will have a new found respect for the ones that you do have. -Deene

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