Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer in Israel and Kenya

In 13 days I am going to Israel with the school. I can't believe it! I cannot wait to walk where Jesus walked and see the things He saw. I am so excited about getting to see the culture He was surrounded by and make the stories I have heard a thousand times come to life. Sometimes, I feel like the Gospel is just a story that I have heard so much it does not have an effect on me. This trip is a chance for me to see the story with fresh eyes!

But wait, it gets better! A few days after getting back from Israel I am flying to Kenya. I will be spending the summer at Camp Bluesky, a Christian summer camp for kids, ages 7-17. I will be a counselor for five weeks of camp and then I will be spending three weeks doing mission work throughout the country. The other counselors and I will get to go on a safari. I cannot wait to see the Lion King in real life! We will also raft the Nile River!! Hopefully I will not be eaten by a crocodile!

I do not know what to expect this summer. I know God is going to do incredible things and I cannot wait to witness them.

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