Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mud, Caves, & Rainbow Trout That Bite!!!

On Friday Nov.11,2011, a group of 20 Point University students left for on a daring adventure with the Sunday Night Live team. We were all so excited about the trip because we were going to spend the night in a cave in Sweetwater, TN. The Lost Sea Adventure (the cave) contains the largest underground lake in the U.S. and the Second largest in the world. As we arrived at our destination we strapped on our combat boot/tennis shoes, head lamps, jackets, and backpack and walked up a small portion of the mountain the cave resides in and from there walked down around 180 steps at a 45 degree angle. after setting up camp we were taken on a tour of the cave and a boat ride on the lake. on the boat we were told that many years ago that scientist put rainbow trout in the lake to see in they would find their way out (obviously they didn't). A student asked if they could put their hand in the water, the tour guide replied, "if you do it will be freezing cold and since we always feed the trout on every boat ride, you may get bitten." After the fair warning she sticks her hands into the water, not even 2 minutes later she screamed, " OH MY GOSH ONE OF THEM BIT ME!!!" It would have to say that was one of the funnest things that happened on the trip. So after the boat ride and the tour we went and crawled through the tight spaces on the cave. By the time we were getting ready to settle down for the night we were all covered in mud and looked like oompaloompas for Wonka's Chocolate Factory. The next day we left and spent an awesome day at the Coolridge Park in Chattanooga, TN. I tell the truth after I came back from the trip I never appreciated a nice long shower until then.

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