Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Graduation is an exciting time; there is cake, parties, confetti, and most importantly, walking across the stage. After a few days, however, you are left with the feeling of what you should do next in your life. Some may choose to go to school, while others venture straight into working. If you choose to go to school, you are left with the daunting question of which one to choose, and likewise if you choose to head immediately into the working field. This overwhelming feeling met me as I graduated high school. My parents, knowing that going to college would greatly help me in life with doing what God has called me to do, began to question me of what God was calling me to do. To this question, I had no answer. Then one day in the last week of July in 2008, it literally suddenly hit me that I was to go to Point University (or Atlanta Christian College at that time). Looking back, this is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

As I near graduation from Point University, I feel these feelings beginning to creep up on me again. Do I go to graduate school? If so, what should I major in and which school? Where am I called to work at? In case some of you may have these questions, I want to remind you something God showed me a few years ago and has reminded me of lately: that He has everything under control. In His time and when we surrender our hearts to listen to His guidance, God will impart to us the plan that He has for us. For me coming to Point University, it came a few weeks before classes began. I do not know God’s plan for your life, but I do know that He knows everything about you, even the hairs on your head. He knows you so intimately and has a bigger and greater plan than you could ever imagine. Thankfully, we are not alone in figuring out this plan, for He is with us every moment of every day guiding us on each step to take along our paths.

“God has created each of us with a unique contribution to make to our world and our times. No other person ahs our same abilities, motivations, network of friends and relationships, perspectives, ideas, or experiences…Jesus did not ask the disciples to do the impossible; He asked only for them to bring to Him what they had”—Richard Stearns, The Hole In Our Gospel


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