Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quailman, Crepes, and Jumpcastles - all a part of life at Point!

Well, hello there. It's (practically) November, and it's too cold.

While many of my peers are excited since they can  break out their sweaters and jackets, I would much rather it be hot, humid, and sunny (also known as perfect beach weather).

Onto other things though...(it's here that you get all excited and curious and click on the "read more" link right there)

This past weekend was the annual Point University Fall Festival (which I was helping with seeing as it is put on by the Point SGA) - and it went amazingly well. Seeing a bunch of kids from the community coming to Point for an evening of free candy and games, as well as seeing their smiles made me realize that spending a Friday night doing this was much better than anything else I could have done. The best part? Getting to dress up as a partial Quailman from Doug (the 90s cartoon - minus the underwear on the shorts, and the cape), and playing in the jump-castle.

Sunday (10/30) I managed to somehow successfully make crepes - nutella and banana - perfection. . . and went to my own personal "land of milk and honey"; Sam's Club. 

Fast forward a couple of days - November 1, 2011. Today is many things - the first day of November, the first day of "No Shave November", and also the countdown to Advent!

Yes, I'm already excited for the Christmas preparations to begin. And I'm even more excited for the fact that when it DOES begin, we'll all be doing it together (well, until I go home for a month - which will be excrutiating).

So, there we go - just another week or so in the life of a Point student - and yet, even with all the stress that came with working out the kinks of the Fall Festival, and the fact that I'm working two jobs and balancing that with class...I wouldn't change it for the world.


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