Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break: Somebody that I used to know.

This first week back from Spring Break has been rough - getting back into the swing of the day to day routines, the daily meal times and work schedules, as compared to spring break's lazy mornings, and days spent in Downtown Charleston walking around with a cone of gelato. Even through the work involved, there has been a bright side, with there being a bunch of great stuff that has happened this week:

  • Got to have a guy night with some of my friends on Tuesday (accordingly, my girlfriend had a "girl night in" at her apartment the same night).
  • Have a bunch of awesome things on the horizon in terms of what the future will bring, and I'm excited for what it holds.
  • Thursday I along with some friends of mine performed Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" at Open Mic Night - that's me at the end doing percussion on my guitar. Click the link to view the video.
  • This weekend is Nunsense - being put on by the Fine Arts Dept! I'm excited to see what these great ladies have put together!
It's a shorter post, but not much has happened so far. However, coming up soon there's the Hunger Games premiere, and then throw into the mix things like getting to see my dad in Atlanta for a business trip the week after next - and the month of March will be epic! 

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