Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The end is near.

As those who have read any of my previous posts may be aware, I am a Senior graduating in a few short weeks. People ask me constantly, "are you excited about graduation?" "what are you going to do after? big plans?" I don't blame them for asking, but if I'm being honest, it's difficult to think that far ahead. Am I excited? Sure. But it's all more surreal than anything else. More than anything, I think Senioritis has already settled in and my mind finds it difficult to focus on getting these last few assignments completed.

That's the real story about being a Senior so close to graduation. It doesn't feel real.

More than excitement, nervousness, and anticipation, I feel a strong sense of nostalgia. I keep reflecting on all the incredible memories made -- even in the last week -- as well as in the last four years, and I feel my heart swell up with thankfulness, and my smile and eyes break out in laughter. Before the start of this last semester a friend from back home asked me if College was everything I had hoped it would be, and it really hasn't. I didn't anticipate going to College after High School. It just wasn't in my agenda. But I did go, and once I had gone I had no idea what to expect.

Being at Point University has far exceeded all and any expectations in every way. I don't want to seem dramatic when I say it has significantly changed my life, but it really has. Every choice made impacts our lives in some small way, but this one has made all the difference.

My classes, professors, friends, and all the activities and opportunities... the extremely fun and trying times have all served to shape me into what I am leaving as.

So yes, when I think about it, I am excited. Because I was able to take part in such a great part of the school's history, and I'm excited about where it's going. Last year we kept saying that Point was on the move, and now that we're here - we are still on the move. On the move to bigger things. It's drawing close to the end for me, but it's just the first chapter of the school's history. And that is exciting.

- Rebecca

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