Thursday, November 21, 2013

Does anyone like soccer?

            Does anyone like soccer? Okay well if you do, then you are in the right place and if you don’t, then, mmhhh! You should stick around so you can learn a bit more about my passion and what I absolutely love doing. Okay, so I belong to (in my opinion) “a one of a kind” group of guys that I absolutely love being with. Yeah, you got it right; I’m talking about the Men’s Soccer Team of Point University. I think we are pretty unique in a way that we have guys from literally all over the world. We have Americans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Uruguayans, Brazilians, Germans, Guatemalans, Russians and Scots! Now that, if you ask me, that's pretty exciting huhhhh!!! (Raising eyebrows from side to side).

            So okay, forming part of the soccer team makes me feel like I belong somewhere, makes me feel like I have a family outside of my own family. You know, I literally spend all my time with these guys. We go to school together. We have the same classes. We work together. We practice together. We work-out together. We eat together. We live together. I feel like I’ve signed my life away and I’m married to these guys! So in other words it’s like “how I am not supposed to love this group of guys?” We always try to have as much fun as we can together. When we are feeling active and like breaking a sweat, we go to the tennis courts and we play foot-tennis. Sometimes we go to the volleyball sand pit and we play foot-volley. Other times we go to the Sportsplex and we play Indoor Soccer. When we feel like having a pretty chill day we have movie nights (usually chick flicks). Wait, I almost forgot. We host FIFA Tournaments too (thumbs up). During these tournaments, each player of the team picks a team (which is usually a club team unless we play an international tournament) then we put everyone’s name in a hat and we draw name by name to make a bracket. Once the bracket is done we play and play until only two guys are left to decide the champion. Usually, I win the tournament…nah who am I kidding, I always loose on quarter finals!

            As you can see forming part of this group of guys makes my life so much easier and fun here at Point University. I know I can always count on these guys because we all treat each other like friends, like teammates, but most importantly like brothers. This group of guys is one of kind because we all push each other to the limit in the gym and on the field. We motivate each other inside the field when we are battling it out for the win, but we also push each other academically. We push each other on the classroom to make sure that we are fulfilling our main objective here in school and that is to become very important and successful people for the kingdom of God. If it wasn’t for these guys, my teammates, I don’t think my transition and experience in college would have been the same anywhere else. When I say I love these guys, I mean it. These guys have taught me so much in these short three years in college. It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like soccer. I’m sure that if you decide to come to Point University you will find a group of people that you are going to connect with. I can assure you that they will make you feel like you are a part of a family. So with that said open your arms and don’t take your friends for granted. Allow them to shape your experiences in college, because at the end, you only have one chance to enjoy and mold your future to build long lasting friendships. Have a blessed day!!!

                                  Sincerely your best Pal, 
                                            Alejandro Guerrero…Tururu!!!

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