Friday, December 6, 2013

We are family

          On campus here at Point, we have a group of students who are carefully chosen to be Campus Life Ministers, CLM’s for short. They are the equivalent of a residential advisor (RA) at other universities in many ways. A CLM’s job is to handle different issues within the building and serve a ministry role not only within the building, but all over campus. So long story short, a CLM’s job is to love this campus to the best of their ability. Whether that means waking up at 2:00 a.m. because one of your residents is sick and needs you, or spending countless hours at their sporting events. They not only do it because it’s their job, but they enjoy being their for their residents and fellow students.

           This year I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to be a CLM.  My girls and I have one semester under our belt, and it has been a fun, crazy roller coaster ride so far. In my building I have such a diverse group of girls, any where from student athletes to regular students. I also have four varsity sports teams represented: volleyball, soccer, softball, and cheerleading. I love having such a mixture of personalities and likes/dislikes.

I would have to say that one of my favorite parts of being a CLM has been getting to know the girls in my building and actually being apart of their lives. I love hearing their life story and going to their games to watch them do what they love. It’s such a beautiful thing and the fact that they give me the privilege of being apart of their lives, that’s even more beautiful and it means the world to me.

           Every month the CLM’s will usually put on an event for their building. This past November we did a huge Thanksgiving dinner! I loved sitting around the table with my girls while stuffing our faces with ham and mashed potatoes. I was able to tell them how thankful I really am for all of them. I was so thankful that no matter how  different they all are, they could all share a meal and a couple of laughs together. It made me smile because I couldn't help but to think this is what the kingdom of heaven will look like one day. There will be so many different people represented, but we’ll all be around one table while laughing and  rejoicing. The fact that I can witness and be apart of a little piece of that here on earth is so incredible.

           I am so blessed to have this opportunity! I get to see first hand what God is doing here at Point everyday through every part of my job. He is doing amazing things and I have the privilege to be apart of it. How awesome is that? I’m so thankful for my building and all of my girls. We really are one big family and I wouldn’t change a thing!

— Herani Tesfamariam 16

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