Thursday, November 7, 2013

Life of a Recent Grad and Admission Counselor

I am one of the awesome admission counselors who have the privilege of being a part of this wonderful ministry and school! Point University means a lot to me. I am a recent graduate of Point- class of 2012. I started working in admissions in the fall of 2012 shortly after I graduated. I started my journey at Point University in the spring of 2008. This was the best choice I ever made! I was placed around positive people, loving staff and supportive professors. I was your typical growing Christian student that needed direction and God definitely provided that. After changing my major three times I successfully finished my B.A in Business Administration. Shout out to the awesome Business professors!

One great thing I can tell you about Point University is that people actually care about you here. Since we are a small school you get to make connections with astounding people who want to see you at your best; from the staff to the professors and even your peers. You get to encounter people who truly want to build up the body of Christ.

As an admission counselor I have been given the opportunity to connect with great prospective students. The life of an admission counselor is a journey but it is one that I have learned is worth it. I have been given so many opportunities to reach out to students in a way that has shaped and changed me into a different person. I have students who look up to me and rely on me for support. I do not take any student that I connect with for granted. In my heart I have learned that I may be the help they need not only to get in the right college for them but to build their faith as well. My favorite saying is “you never know what people are going through.” I believe that there is always room for improvement in everyone’s life and they can change just like Christ changed my life. 

I am so grateful for the connections that I have made at Point. I work with amazing people who truly care about building up Gods kingdom. Big shout out to the admissions staff! I can truly say that I know I am in the right place in my life. Point University has definitely added to the success of my life and I know it can be an asset to yours!


Lisa Gantt
Admission Counselor 

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