Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Midterms Are Finally Over!

       Midterm week is finally coming to an end! I am so glad that I can have that weight lifted off my shoulders. Like other schools, midterms can be stressful, but one thing I like about Point University is that the professors do their best to help you succeed. I really enjoy that they give you study guides and have study sessions in and out of class.
       As an early childhood education major I didn’t have many midterms, but I did have enough to give me some stress (like any other test). I lucked out and only had to take three this week due to the snow days pushing some of those tests back. I feel for the other students though that had to take one every day this week! I do not think I could have handled it like they did.
       Another thing that I really am looking forward to this week is Spring Break! After a long week of studying and praying that I would do well on my tests, I am so ready to have a week off. I hope everyone powered through his or her midterms! Have a safe and fun Spring Break!

-Haley Whitley

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