Friday, September 25, 2015

What's New at Point 2015

It’s a brand new year and there are some brand new things happening on campus! Check out what’s new at Point and see what students and staff think about it all!

Marching Band 
“The Point University Marching Skyhawks are set to become one of the leading programs in the marching arts in the southeastern United States. The goal of our program is to develop a world class marching program that not only attracts students from around the globe that are excited about the pageantry of the marching arts, but more so, engages this audience by developing them spiritually and teaching them that they were created with a destiny and a purpose. Our hope is that as we graduate Marching Skyhawks from Point University, we graduate global citizens that will engage our culture for Christ."
-       Dr. Josh Boyd, Director of Athletic Bands

“Being a member of the Marching Skyhawks is a pleasure and an honor! I knew that I was joining a marching band, but I did not realize that I was joining a family. The marching band is not only about memorizing the music and performing but also about using what we learn in those instances in other parts of our life. That would have to be my favorite part about this whole experience. We do not only learn how to be better band students but also learn how to be better individuals.”                                       - Nashanthea Roland, Freshman

“The best part of the program so far is the energy coming from every single member. Especially the love and support coming from the directors Dr. Boyd and Mr. Lightner. The band seems to be growing exponentially with each passing week. That, to me, just goes to show that we truly do have a top-notch marching band program going here at Point University! I would describe my experience as a marching Skyhawk as very exciting and enjoyable. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the beginning of something that is so incredible and is bound to just get better in the coming years.”
-         Senior, Sean Carroll 

New Music Business Minor and Production Specialization
“There has been a good response from students and those visiting campus to the new music offerings. Currently, there are three music students pursuing the music production specialization in the music degree, which is a good start.  The technology associated with music and worship in today’s world makes our new program very practical. This semester the music business course is being taught for the first time and will highlight some excellent professionals from the Atlanta area.  We hope to see more students pursue these new options!”
-         Dr. Byron Cartwright D.M.A, Professor of Music

“To start off, coming in as a freshman, I was originally a percussion major. I had always been fond of running live sound and recording, so I started taking the music technology classes that were offered. Coming into my senior year, Dr. Cartwright informed me that I would be able to specialize in Music Production and I knew right then that was what I wanted to do. It's a lot of fun learning about the history of music as a business and learning how studios and label companies actually work. It's very exciting knowing what I could do with this degree since I've always been the one who likes to be behind-the-scenes. That said, I'm hoping to use this degree to possibly work in a studio or maybe even try projects on my own.”
-         Adam Dillingham, Senior

Swim Team
“For the team, I strongly we believe we will have multiple NAIA National Championship qualifiers as well as relays qualify for Nationals. I hope to see these young men and women succeed in the classroom and the pool, but above all follow their faith in God. We have been working hard and continuing to build our spiritual strength as well as our physical strength. I would like to see this program really grow over the next few years. We have a great group of teammates to start the tradition of swimming here at Point.”
-         Kaymee Kelly, Head Swimming Coach

“I think the swim team is doing well, and we are open to anyone coming to join the team. The best part of being on the team is that you always have a base to lean on and have a support system that you can trust. This upcoming season I'm looking for the team to get stronger and bigger.”
-         Courteney Darrow, Freshman

     The Campus Store

The campus store is very quick and convenient. I purchased and rented all my books at an affordable price. I also love the variety the campus store provides, and we can admit the Starbucks is a plus!”    
                 -         Tatiyana White, Senior

“I’m a huge fan of the store and the improvements offered this year. It is stocked with the basic necessities any college student might need. I find it so helpful that I can buy a variety of practical products like medicine, textbooks, and Point merchandise at a reasonable price. I also really like their merchandise. It’s trendy and allows me to be proud to support my school. I hope they keep up with the variety on their products and there taste and style in Point goods.” 
-         Abbey Lambert, Senior

     “The Point campus store constantly has great prices and they supply great colors to fit your style!”
-         Harsh Patel, Junior

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